AI video made it by Sora.

The Hardest Part music video.

Washed Out, an indie pop artist, dropped a new song called “The Hardest Part” about love lost. But what’s interesting is how he used AI, or artificial intelligence, to make the music video.

Teaming up with a filmmaker named Trillo, Washed Out used a special AI tool called Sora. This tool helps turn text into video. It’s not available to everyone yet, but they got to try it out early.

Even though using AI in music can be controversial, Washed Out and Trillo thought it was cool. With Sora, they could try out all sorts of ideas without worrying about money or time.

It wasn’t always easy, though. They had to give Sora detailed instructions to get the right clips for the video. Sometimes it didn’t work perfectly, but they still ended up with a dreamy video that matches the song’s vibe.

Washed Out and Trillo think AI could help artists make cooler music videos, even if they don’t have a big budget. But they also think it’s important to use AI as just one tool, not the only way to make videos.

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