Exclusive Referral Program for Explorer and Grow Members

Great News!

We’re excited to offer a unique opportunity to our valued Explorer and Grow plan members through our Referral Program. This initiative empowers you, the creators, to connect and collaborate using Woxo’s innovative platform.

Understanding the Referral Program

This program, exclusively for our premium members, lets you share Woxo with friends and earn 500 additional video credits for each referral. These credits, which renew monthly, help you access advanced tools like the SD3 model, ElevenLabs, and Llama-3 70B.

Simple Steps to Participate:

  1. Access Your Profile: Log into your Woxo account and head to your profile.
  2. Find ‘Referral Program’: Click or tap this option in your profile menu.
  3. Share and Earn: Once activated, you’ll receive three unique referral links to share, helping you earn extra credits instantly.

*These referral links work only for new users who have never created a Woxo account. Each link is valid for a one-time use per new user.*

Why Join?

Participating speeds up the implementation of new technologies and grows our community of creators. It’s your chance to lead a movement that’s reshaping video storytelling.

Join Us Today

Step up as a community leader. Share your vision, expand your network, and enjoy the creative journey with Woxo. Together, let’s drive innovation and growth!

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