How WOXO has helped Small Business

Behind every company foundation, there’s a reason, a heart. Here at WOXO, the reason was (like many of us) COVID-19 and digital transformation. We saw that almost every small business was going digital, so we wanted to be part of that and help them in their migration

We know that the digital world nowadays is challenging, and without programming, even more so. That is why we’ve created widgets that let you customize your page and display your social profiles to raise engagements and sales with your audience – all without coding. Also, we know that our widgets will help you grow, that’s why there’s no view’s limit. It’s free now and forever! 

Here are some examples of small business owners that have gone digital and embellished their website with WOXO’s Widgets. Let’s take a look! 

El Cilantrillo

Everybody loves good food, right? And if you visit El Cilantrillo in Florida, you won’t be able to resist. But the restaurant business was quite tricky at the beginning of lockdown, and the lovely restaurant had to go digital almost 100%. That’s why they redesigned their page and added their unique Instagram content to their site. Now you can see photos of the dishes, the pace and decorations – all without changing tabs! Their fast connections with social media and uber eats allowed them to continue running this 2021 thanks to digital sales and interactions. Congratulations! 

Three Little Rainbows

In Greece, we have the amazing Three Little Rainbows shop where you can find unique accessories for babies and little kids. The challenge here was that they were trying to display more of the social media profile to gain social exposure and prove the quality of the content. By doing this, they raised their social interactions and SEO for their page. Bravo! 

Team Brillants

Last but not least we have Kathleen from Team Brillants. She had a unique proposition: create the best fansite dedicated to Andrea Brillantes – a famous Philippine actress. And she’s done it! With WOXO’s widgets, she has promoted her idol’s Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. This has raised more than 40% engagement with her followers who love to see the updated content on the page. As there are no limits on views, she can use the widgets to keep growing and expanding her fanbase. Go, Kathleen! 

All these stories that keep coming motivate us to keep going and we hope to keep helping people in 2021 and in the future! If you have an inspiring story of how you have transformed your business and gone digital, please send it to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to feature you. And to install an aesthetic widget, go to WOXO’s Browse Page. Good luck and happy embedding! 

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