The WOXO Master Plan (just between us)

Hello, world.

As you might already know, WOXO has been working relentlessly on a video creation suite that helps content creators generate short-video content in a jiffy. However, what you might not be aware of is our long-term plan, our master plan to completely revolutionize how content is created and consumed on the internet.


The content should aim at improving people’s happiness and well-being rather than merely driving engagement and likes.

Let’s face it, the giants of digital content like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook have got it all wrong. They’re obsessed with likes and engagement, but we think there’s a bigger picture – improving people’s happiness and well-being. It’s time we stirred the pot, don’t you think?

Our mission goes beyond the ordinary. We’re out to make content creation and consumption not just more inclusive and beneficial, but individually tailored. It’s not about cranking out more videos, it’s about delivering content that’s specifically designed for you.

Picture a world where content genuinely helps people. Imagine if someone battling depression could find uplifting content that hits just the right note. Or a student tackling a tough subject could have lessons crafted just for them. Imagine content that really gets you, that understands your dreams, your hurdles, and cheers you on when you need it most. Now that’s a game-changer.

Our Masterplan

Step 1: Empower Creators – We’re developing tools that make video creation a breeze, freeing creators to focus on their message rather than the process. E.g (Idea to Videos, Text To Video, The first ChatGPT Plugin that creates videos, The first Social Network powered by AI)

Step 2: Engineer Personalized Content – We’re designing an AI model that learns from these creators to generate personalized, impactful content. In a nutshell, our AI is transforming the game when it comes to finding, reusing, and creating video content that precisely meets our users’ information needs.

Step 3: Deploy the ‘Universal Content API’ – Instead of building a new platform, we’re creating a ‘Universal Content API’ – a key that integrates with existing platforms like YouTube or Netflix, infusing their offerings with more meaningful content. We’re not just simplifying content creation – we’re aiming to transform the digital landscape.

Unfair Advantages

Video Distribution Format – We’ve developed a proprietary video distribution format, the wmp4 (web mp4). This unique technology enables the generation of videos in real time on the spot programmatically, which not only drastically reduces the video creation costs but also enhances the user experience.

Generative Recommendation System – Leveraging the power of AI, we’re developing a cutting-edge Generative Recommendation System. This system not only recommends but also creates personalized video content for individual users based on their unique preferences and behaviors. This system stands to revolutionize content discovery and consumption, providing our users with a deeply personalized and engaging experience.

Data-Driven Insights – Our extensive network of embedded widgets provides us with a wealth of audience data. This data is crucial in training our recommendation and creation algorithms to provide highly personalized and beneficial content recommendations. Our ability to tap into this data gives us a unique advantage in understanding and meeting the needs of our users.

The “Scars” Advantage – As a self-funded startup, we’ve spent over five years in the industry and gained invaluable experience and insights. We understand what works and, importantly, what doesn’t in this business. This hard-earned knowledge gives us a competitive edge over new and existing players.

Tested Expertise – Our consultancy stretches across industry titans such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Hyatt Hotels, the Australian Open, India Today, Greyhound, Ryanair, and Japan Airlines. It’s not just theory, our work has reached and impacted millions of users. This hands-on experience informs our tailored approach to service, grounded in practical wisdom and proven success.

Current Traction

We have a strong and rapidly growing user base of 158,835 total users, with 45,306 new sign-ups in May 2023 alone. Our daily active users stand at 1,824, indicating a high level of engagement with our platform. We’ve seen 85.59k videos created using our platform in May 2023 alone, showing that our users are actively leveraging our tools to produce and share content. Beyond our platform, our reach extends to over 150,000 websites through our widgets, attracting 11.97 million unique visitors just last month. This expansive usage and engagement is a testament to our value and impact.

The End Beginning

But we know that this is just a stepping stone. As we venture forward, we understand the challenges that lie ahead. But rest assured, we stand committed. Committed to our goal of making content creation and consumption an enriching experience for each individual.

Remember, you’re not just a part of this journey, but a vital catalyst driving it. Every video you create, every feedback you share, is helping us inch closer to our ultimate goal. Together, we can and we will shape a future where content is not just seen or heard, but experienced in its most beneficial form.

Hold on tight. This is just the beginning.

Just between us, okay?

co-CEO at WOXO

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