Why we believe in Inclusive Technology at Woxo

After 30 years creating, updating, and promoting a new website is still VERY difficult – even for Developers, Marketers and Designers. Why we believe inclusive technology is crucial?

A group of people - inclusive technology

New development tooling, frameworks, and capabilities are introduced every year but sadly most of them without people in mind.

While it’s true that everyone needs a website, but sadly not everybody has all the skills needed to do it yet.

Why do you have to spend countless hours learning to update, promote, or create a website?

Did someone have to adapt to the iPhone? Even kids can use one without any training!

In 2020 almost 4.5 billion people were active on the internet, yet just 0.6 % had the skills needed to create, update, and drive the right audience to a website.

This is utterly unfair. And we plan on changing that.

We are here to create the connection between technical jargon, complex tooling, frameworks a new inclusive technology. 

We provide our users with a set of technologies and widgets that will allow everybody, yes everybody to be able to create professional content for their web.

Everybody must have the right of putting his creativity at service of the whole humanity thought the Internet.

You can start being part of this with our social widgets (- our first products!):

From there, we will be expanding filling the gaps that we encounter with the best user experience until making technology ridiculously easy to use for ALL HUMANS.

To conclude, we believe in the full creative potential of all human beings and how this new unique approach is full of opportunities to make history and create a more inclusive future!

Happy embedding,

The Woxo Team

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About Dariel Vila

Enterpreneur, Front-end Engineer, Dad. Fighting to make technology more inclusive.

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