AI videos: Are you ready to dominate YouTube?

  • Pick Your Thing: It’s like finding the perfect party outfit. Choose a topic for your AI videos. Maybe it’s untold history or cool future fashion. Stand out in your own way. Example: Picture a channel that’s all about AI history stories. It’s a favorite for folks who love the past. Each video takes you back in time, from ancient Egypt to the big inventions.

See our Youtube channel example: Enigma Origins

Educational AI video series thumbnails featuring historical figures and mysteries
Youtube channel: Enigma Origins
  • Tell Stories with AI: Forget shiny, perfect videos. Go for the real, uncut stuff. Create AI videos with wild tales or space adventures. Example: Think of a channel that got famous with its AI space stories, “Galactic Chronicles.” Each video was a new, out-of-this-world adventure that hooked viewers.
  • Community’s Everything: Your channel’s more than videos. It’s where people hang out. Make cool AI stuff they can play with, like solving puzzles or taking on challenges. Example: There was a YouTuber who got everyone talking with AI puzzles. People loved guessing the answers and waiting for the next puzzle.
  • Spread the Word: Got a funny AI video? Post it everywhere, like TikTok or Instagram. Make people laugh and they’ll come to see more. Example: A video maker went viral with a clip where their AI character said words all wrong. It was a hit and brought lots of new fans to their channel.

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