Tips to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel

So, you want to earn some extra money online and you’ve got that itch to make a bet on YouTube, right?

Not quite sure where to start? Don’t fret! We’re here to break it down for you with real actionable steps.

1. Value is the Name of the Game

First things first – what’s your secret sauce? If you’re not relying on your stunning looks (think lifestyle and cosmetics influencers), then it’s your expertise that’s what makes people click subscribe.

People follow when you’ve got something valuable to offer. And that value? It’s either entertaining or educating.

Let’s go back to your situation: you want to earn money online, not having to film and edit, and not having to show your face. You’ve got the knowledge, the know-how (heck, you’re a *insert that thing you can’t stop talking about* whiz!).

So, talk about what you know. It may feel redundant but what you know others probably don’t and it’s worth it for someone out there. You need to think about what are those questions people have in your field.

Your Faceless YouTube Channel niche should be what you’re passionate about, what you can talk about for hours or dive in to find answers for your audience, without running out of steam.

2. The Power of Niche

Now, onto the juicy stuff.

You’ve got interests galore – AI tools, gardening, anime classics – you’re the real deal. But hold up, there’s a universe out there discussing these things.

The key is narrowing down, and finding that sweet spot. That’s where the magic of a niche comes in. Think about using nifty tools like Answer the Public to suss out what people are dying to know.

Now it’s time to find out what are those questions people have in your field, then pick the questions you have the expertise in or are interested in answering for them.

Are they gardening people who happen to be tech fans and they’d love to know about tools to help the automate their gardening skills? Tech-savvy gardeners hunting for automation hacks? It’s not a stretch, trust us.

3. Consistency and the Content Quest

Brace yourself, here comes the hard part – the grind.

Consistency is the secret sauce that separates the dreamers from the doers. In order to check if your selected subject and niche is profitable enough, and to test topics to talk about for each one, you need to be consistent. Testing niches, seeing what gets traction – it takes time.

Real talk, we’re talking 6-7 months of hustle to see that traction, most people give up before actually being able to see results because creating the content consistently is hard.

But don’t let that bring you down though, because we’ve got a game-changer: WOXO, our AI video generator. It’s like your content-making sidekick. Think short videos that back you up while you cook up the long-form goodness. Oh, and speaking of long-form content, InVideo’s or other long-form video editing tools are your go-to for that.

YouTube Shorts get A LOT of traffic, take the most of it with WOXO here.

Lastly, the Game Plan:

Here’s how it rolls: Pick a topic, dig up questions people are asking.

Prepare two distinct ways to answer them – that’s your long-form goldmine right there. But we’re not done yet. WOXO’s got your back with 30 short-form vids to fill your content calendar. Space them out though, don’t drop them all at once.

Remember, four buckets of content, eight video ideas, and sixteen long-form videos. You’ve got this!

So, ready to dive in and own the YouTube scene?

Time to share your expertise, slay that niche game, and ride the consistency wave. Let’s make your channel the talk of the town! Start your faceless YouTube channel with WOXO today 🚀

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